Property refurbishment in Finsbury Park, N4

This was a partial property refurbishment project - the owners were renovating it in stages. Now it was time to renovate a kitchen, bathroom, cloakroom and hallways. There is one serious issue with partial renovations - although we replace the electrical wiring in the kitchen, in other rooms it stays old: we connect new lights and switches to the old cables. So, really there will once come time when electrics will have to be done newly in the rooms and this will then destroy the previously done work.

We started with the kitchen, as it was the biggest part of the job. We know that normally there are always some issues with kitchen deliveries - so we could do something else in the property during the wait. The kitchen was newly rewired, replastered, cabinets and appliances installed. We also installed electrical underfloor heating. Bathroom and cloakroom renovation was as normally it is - ripping it all out, making good walls and ceilings, tiling and installation of equipment. Finally, the hallways were redecorated. Although the customers never complained to us about any dust (we always try to minimize the disruption), but we know it must have been quite difficult without a kitchen and bathroom for some time, especially with a small child.

Below - images of how the kitchen, bathroom and cloakroom looked before us.

Project Details

  • Project costs: around £14000
  • Completion Date: July 2014
  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Project type: Flat refurbishment

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