Bathroom installation in London, Islington

There was only one bathroom previously in the property - on the first floor. The customer wanted to have a shower room installed on the ground floor as well. We removed partitions, cleared the space, constructed partitions and the newly created room was well used for a new shower room installation.

Hot water into the existing bathroom was supplied from the cylinder (not the best solution when there are two bathrooms in the property) - hence a new shower would demand more hot water and having a bath and a shower at the same time would not be possible really. The easy and quick solution was to install an electric shower - pressure was not great, but fine to use.

Below are the images of what it was before and how we progressed:

Project Details

  • Project costs: around £3000
  • Completion Date: February 2013
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Project type: Shower room installation

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