Flat renovation in Chelsea, London, W11

This was yet another rental property that we renovated. It's a small one bedroom flat, but as it's location is in the most desirable Chelsea it had to be rented out at a premium rate. A customer really wanted to get a really good first impression. The budget was low but wisely chosen colour scheme helped to achieve that.

Before we started works, living room, kitchen and small hallway were separated - so there were many small spaces and the feeling was of a tiny flat. The customer made a decision to open it all up - create one open plan kitchen / living room. It really feels now like a different property. Red kitchen cabinets and bathroom tiles go well with black granite floor tiles and contrasts with the light grey wall colour - that brings charm to this property. Btw, the kitchen was from IKEA.

And below are the images of how we progressed: how the bathroom looked before we came and during installation:

Project Details

  • Project costs: around £7500
  • Completion Date: July 2013
  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Project type: Flat renovation

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