Central London office refurbishment

The customer we have worked for before was happy with our work and asked us to come back to do some more alterations. This time it was to rearrange the meeting rooms: instead of two rooms create three and enlarge the overall meeting rooms space by moving partitions.

The customer was a growing IT and web solutions company. They needed more meeting rooms. Luckily they had space available to expand to. Firstly we removed the existing partitions, then installed new - we reused the glass panels and doors. Lastly we fixed carpet tiles where they were missing in place of old partitions (you can still see the strip of the carpet tiles applied in the third image, as old is never like new). Now it looks as if these meeting rooms were arranged this way originally.

And here are some images of how we progressed:

Project Details

  • Project costs: around £9000
  • Completion Date: August 2013
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Project type: Office refurbishment

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