Flat renovation in Central London, WC1

This property was rented out for the past few years. Naturally some wear and tear occured. Getting the best rental price usually requires minor property renovation - that's exactly what was done in this property.

One of the most annoying and noticeable things was the squeeking floor. Originally whoever installed this floor didn't do a very good job. The sub-floor was chipboards and the flooring (softwood floorboards) were just nailed through the tongue. Firstly this type of floor should be nailed down through the top - to avoid any bowing due to change in air moisture levels. Secondly, chipboard is not a good base for nails - screws should be used or at least nails and glue applied on to the underside of the floorboards. There was only one way to sort this - we ripped out the old flooring completely and installed engineered flooring. In the kitchen area tiles were cracking - again, because the chipboard is not a very solid base. The solution was to install engineered flooring in the kitchen as well. Mosaic tiles above the worktop also add to the overall look. Scale and mould didn't look good on bathrooms tiles - we replaced grout, silicone sealant and now these bathrooms look like new. The rest of work was to repair any cracks, holes in the walls and ceilings and to repaint them. The result - flat refurbished to modern standards with minimum costs and the customer now gets a much higher rental income.

Below - images of how this flat looked before us.

Project Details

  • Project costs: around £5500
  • Completion Date: May 2012
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Project type: Flat renovation

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