FMBWe can now proudly anounce that AZbuilders (trade name of our company REC Construction Ltd) is now a registered member of FMB (Federation of Master Builders). Our goal is to create a brand, that any prospective customer would associate with quality and trustworthy service  - joining  FMB we believe is a small step towards it. 


Why did we choose to join the FMB?

Well, there are many organizations or websites (such as TrustaTrader, MyBuilder, CheckaTrade, RatedPeople, etc.) out there claiming their members are all trustworthy, good builders. They present all the data that may interest any prospective customer in a nice and easy to understand way. Some of these websites display feedbacks from customers on how any certain builder or building company completed any project. That really assures you: if you go with a builder having the best statistical info, you will get your project done in the best possible way.  And they claim that these testimonials / ratings and data are genuine.

And this is what I really doubt about! If you search for let's say a builder on checkatrade in any postcode you will get a long list of companies with ratings of 9.7-9.9 out of the possible 10. How can this be possible at all? Firstly, any building project is a stress and disruption to anyone's normal everyday activities. Secondly, there are many people involved (if this is a company), many different aspects of the project, many suppliers. And even if all goes well to the schedule, a customer may not be happy because of some issues which really have nothing to do with a building company (extra work - extra costs, a customer is tired of all the noise and dust which is inevitable, etc.). In my opinion, close to a 10 ratings are not realistic, and the feedback in many cases is not genuine! The representatives of these websites don't come out to the sites to check a project, they rely on the feedback that's supposedly received from the customers (but realistically - from anyone, because there is no way to check). Besides, these websites are owned by companies set for profit - they are actively seeking more members for the sake of generating more profit. Based on these facts, we decided these websites are not for us.

FMB, on the other hand, is a non for profit organization, oldest in the UK and their main purpose is to raise the image of building industry. Before approving a new member they check the trading history and they do regular checkups of projects being done. FMB has a code of practide which any member has signed - "a guide to the standard practices expected of the best builders in the industry" (FMB - Our main goal is to develop a well recognized and trustworthy brand - becoming a member of FMB, we believe is a small step towards it. Here is a link to our profile: