If your energy bills are going through the roof then just think how much damage you are doing the planet with all of the energy you consume on a regular basis.

The good news is that it is possible to cut down on the amount of energy you use and save money while going green. The following are a few of the best examples of how this could be done.

Use More Efficient Devices

If you have an old washing machine, fridge or any other domestic appliance then it probably isn’t as energy efficient as you might like. When upgrading to a more modern model you can make sure that you choose one which comes with a strong energy rating and won’t be such a drain on the grid. The same theory applies to many different devices in your home and changing to a new television or a new boiler could also make a big difference.

Pull Out the Plug

Probably the simplest way to use less electricity is to unplug your appliances when you are aren’t using them. Leaving them plugged in and with the little standby light on is a terrible waste of energy which no one should be doing these days. There is simply no excuse for using the standby option when we now all know that it has such a big effect on any attempt to live in a green way.

Get Clean Energy

If you want to give the grid a complete break then what about getting some clean energy generated at your home? You might automatically think of solar panels but you could also consider the likes of air source or ground source heat pumps or even a more efficient central heating boiler. Some of these methods might be fairly expensive but companies such as Help-Link will help you get started.

However, once you feel the benefit of these you will realise that you have made a great decision. Of course, once you are generating your own power you will find that your monthly bills drop substantially, although you might need to still take some energy from the grid to meet your demands.

Look for Problem Areas

Finally, what if you have already carried out most or all of the above points but still use more energy than you would like to do? In this case it could be that you need to find out where there is a problem area in your property. One possible energy leak place is around your windows. If you have old single glazed panes or frames which rattle about in the wind then it could be time to change them. Another - could it be a lack of proper loft insulation or cavity wall insulation allows too much of the heat you generate to escape? Some of these issues are easy to solve - DIY. But some issues require a lot of work done - for instance, you are more than likely to be wasting energy through the ground level floor. In this case it's best to call one of the building companies - they will give you a free no obligations quote and advice you on what may need to be done.