You might be improving your home for your own comfort and enjoyment, looking to sell or let a property and need to optimise the value, or be looking to keep your house green and make savings on your energy consumption. We share some tips on improving home energy efficiency, especially where old boilers can be replaced with new more effective heating systems, and finding the best Vaillant, Baxi, Potterton, Glow Worm and Worcester Bosch boilers prices.

thermalThere are a number of ways to improve energy efficiency. The Energy Saving Trust recommends:

  • Thoroughly insulating your home
  • Fit central heating thermostats and controls
  • Conserve energy by switching off lights and appliances when not in use
  • Consider generating your own energy with solar panels or turbines
  • Replace an old boiler with a new more efficient model


The most common and effective places to start are lofts, roofs, walls and cavity walls, although there are plenty of options, you can insulate floors, windows, tanks, pipes and radiators.

Thermostats and Controls

Accurate temperature gauging and control can allow you to set an optimum temperature for your property and prevent energy waste from turning heating up and down as systems and residents warm up and cool down.

Switch it off!

You have heard it a hundred times but if you are not using an appliance – switch it off, completely, and when leaving a room turn the light off, simple, small steps can make big savings.

Generate your own energy

If you have the location and funds you can consider generating electricity with solar panels, (the most common method) or wind turbines. Either need comprehensive investigation and assessment but can not only save money but generate extra income by sending surplus electricity back to the grid.

Replace your boiler

Boilers account for 55% of a home’s energy consumption so an inefficient old boiler can be costing you and the environment a substantial amount. Most boilers are now condensing boilers which improve efficiency by capturing and condensing waste gases to heat water, gases which in older boilers are released through the flue.

If your boiler is older than 10 years you may make savings and certainly with a boiler older than 20 years substantial savings can be made. A new condensing boiler should be A-rated and could save as much as £310 per year. A very old boiler may also be adding hefty maintenance and repair costs to your bills. Gas boilers are usually the cheapest and give fewer emissions so as long as you have gas to your property they are usually the best option, however you can consider a wood fuelled or biomass boiler.

Typically a straight forward gas boiler replacement will cost around £2300 but you should get quotes from a reputable local building or plumbing company with qualified tradespeople who can source a boiler for you themselves or you can check out some of the top brands like Baxi, Bosch, Potterton, Glow Worm and Vaillant gas boiler prices, all of which offer an A-rated, condensing, gas boiler and purchase a boiler direct ready to install by a corgi registered fitter.

Attribute to: Tom Bradford
Tom has been writing for over 10 years about a range of topics, including greener living. His passion for conserving energy around the home has fuelled his desire to write helpful, informative and interesting articles about the subject.