Acquiring high quality natural stone at affordable prices has never been easier and it is no surprise that more and more of you are choosing the authentic route opposed to a manmade option. Stone tiles and features can make a great addition to your home design and not just in kitchens and bathrooms. A popular trend in recent years has been the use of natural stone for conservatory interiors. This actually makes perfect sense when considering the practical and style benefits. Conservatories allow in a lot of sunlight which accentuates the natural beauty of stone. When considering the ways in which natural stone can be used within your conservatory, flooring may be the first thing which springs to mind. It can, however, also be put to good use as window sills, walls and even exterior steps. Read on for more ideas on how you can transform your conservatory with natural stone.

Conservatory Limestone Floors

Conservatory floors require a high level of sturdiness to cope with the demands of a room which links the confines of your home to the outside world. This means that outdoor footwear is commonly worn in conservatories. There is also the potential for leaks due to its location. Limestone tiles have a reputation as a durable option, so much so in fact that they have been chosen for some high profile projects throughout the UK, including shopping centre renovations. Limestone with a matt finish will provide conservatory floors with a high level of slip resistance. For a warm flooring surface in conservatories, would recommend electric underfloor heating mats. Conservatory flooring will require maintenance in the form of sealing. An impregnating sealer is applied to help retain the appearance of the stone and also provide an impermeable surface.

Exterior Slate Steps

Another popular flooring option is slate. Conservatories are usually elevated above the level of the garden by foundations for drainage purposes. This means steps are used to connect the two levels. Slate has a natural riven texture providing immense character to step designs. Its suitability to outdoor areas also makes it an obvious choice.

Tile Cladding Walls

The majority of conservatory designs have a 1/4 stone wall from the floor leading to clear glass panels and windows. Walls are sometimes papered, painted or in many cases the brickwork has been retained. You may feel that traditional red bricks don’t quite work within your overall conservatory decor. Wall cladding provides a stylish alternative and is available in a range of colours. These rock panels are fitted on mesh sheets in a miss match of shapes and sizes. When applied to a conservatory wall they produce an exceptionally rustic effect, complementing wooden furniture particularly well.

Granite Window Sills

Window sills feature within modern conservatories, often displaying plants or ornaments. Painted wooden window sills can fade as a result of sunlight exposure. For a long lasting window sill material look no further than granite. In a highly polished form this hard wearing natural stone provides a reliably tough surface along with a distinctive appearance.