There are quite a few things that may go wrong during a refurbishment if you are not experienced or aware of the details. You can avoid most of these common mistakes if you are aware of what they may be. This article aims to do just that, allowing you to focus on a productive and successful property refurbishment.

  • Removing everything. In many cases you don't really have to remove every bit of decoration and furniture to begin a full refurbishment. It is possible to work around some areas so you can avoid doing that. Depending on the nature of what you have to do you may not even need to do more than just move things around a bit.
  • Working with cheap materials. There is a reason why the prices of certain building materials are higher than others. Quality is something extremely important during any construction effort, as it dictates the safety of the future inhabitants of a given site. Skimping on materials can only lead to structural weaknesses and risks later down the line.
  • Taking inaccurate measurements. Nothing can be more annoying and time-consuming than having to repeat something again until you got it right. Taking the right measurements is key to being as accurate as possible. Pay attention when you work and don't make mistakes.
  • Making a small bathroom. If you are building or renovating and your home's structure allows it, you may consider creating a larger bathroom. If your space doesn't allow it you may consider narrow sinks and toilets with a lower profile to give yourself more space.
  • Ignoring the importance of lighting. There is hardly a bigger mistake one can make than to underestimate the importance of lights within a home. They can play with the ambiance, colors and overall feel of any room. It is proven that improper lighting can lead to irritability, eye strain and disturbed sleep patterns. Make sure you avoid that by working out the best way to put up your lights.
  • Using wrong types of paint. Every surface has a different paint meant for it. The reason for that is the fact that not all of them work well with certain surfaces. For example flat paint is mostly meant for ceilings and sometimes walls, semi-gloss paint should be meant for a dining room, while glossy ones should be aimed towards a high traffic rooms, such as hallway, stairs.
  • Using the wrong types of windows. Windows may be quite expensive, depending on the nature of their construction, however the right choice is very important. They offer excellent or bad insulation, which is essential to keeping up a consistent temperature around your home through both summer and winter.
  • Ignoring safety. This should never be done, no matter how small the task. It is easy to overlook the basic safety rules in tasks that seem innocent and easy, though that may often become the reason for injuries. Stay safe and don't ignore the rules of common sense.

"The most important things you can have on a job site for your own personal safety are goggles to protect your eyes; ear protection to protect your hearing; and gloves to protect your hands from splinters, nails and such," says Collins. "(Also) a good set of boots because there are nails and sharp objects everywhere. The last thing is, you must have a first-aid kit."

The article has been written on behalf of Ilford Movers.