Many homeowners – and particularly those who are considering selling their home in the not too distant future – fail to realize the impact their windows can have on the value of their house. Visitors, surveyors, and estate agents alike instantly notice the condition of a property’s windows. Failing to maintain them, or sticking with windows that are well past their prime, will greatly limit the impact a property has on potential purchasers.


First impressions

Everyone is familiar with the old saying, “you only get one chance to make a first impression,” and nowhere is this truer than when it comes to property. When attempting to sell a home, it can be incredibly difficult to remedy the damage caused by a bad first impression. Estate agents regularly talk about the importance of 'kerb appeal' and will stress that a property needs to look attractive and appear well maintained from the outside to create a positive first impression on visitors. Grubby, neglected, and damaged windows will be noticed immediately, and will in all likelihood knock money off the value of a property.

Window coverings and accessories

Individuals can give any room a dose of the ‘wow factor’ by purchasing some tasteful accessories for the window areas. Doing so gives the house a chance to shine at its full potential, which can influence the value a surveyor places on it. Placing a potted plant, fresh flowers or a small piece of sculpture in the window area also has the added benefit of making a room more pleasant and attractive.

One easy way to inexpensively brighten up the windows in a room is to purchase new and attractive window coverings. Curtains are a traditional choice, but are not always the best alternative in modern, contemporary rooms. Blinds are available in a wide range of colours and materials and can be quite inexpensive; in most cases they are easy to install. If you are looking for something a bit more eye-catching and attractive, you can really make a statement in your room with shutters.

Replacement, repair, and upkeep

Many individuals needlessly waste money by having damaged or inefficient windows in their home, and replacing them can slash heating bills dramatically. Double glazed windows that have had their vacuum seal breached should be replaced as soon as possible. The telltale fog that will be found in these windows is incredibly off-putting for buyers, as it instantly suggests that they will have to spend money on the property if they purchase it. Replacing these windows can significantly freshen up the appearance of a house.

While replacing windows can be an expensive business, improving their basic appearance doesn't need to be. Carefully repainting frames – and sanding off gouged, scratched, or rotted parts – can have a hugely positive influence on their appearance. Adding a waterproof coating can also prevent further damage from occurring. Often, simply washing the external parts of window frames with warm soapy water can dramatically improve how they look without costing any money.

Anyone looking to improve the appearance of a property, or achieve the maximum value when selling it, should spend time completing the little DIY jobs they've neglected over the years. For more serious home repairs best is to call experienced local building company. Failing to improve the property simply gives buyers an excuse to dislike a house, and offer less for it than it might actually be worth. A house should be desirable and well presented, and in many cases the best place to start is by paying attention to the windows.


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