plantersSo you’ve been watching Downton Abbey just like the rest of the nation and you’re also upset that it’s going to be a 12 month wait until the 4th Series...Well wipe away those tears period drama fan – Here are your 5 tips for creating your very own Downton Abbey garden!

1) Planters – Whatever you are trying to create, whether it’s a traditional or modern garden, you need a few planters. No period style outdoor space is complete without a planter with some funny looking chap wearing very little, or a cherub smiling cheekily....NONE. There are a few types of planter available for example the urn which is very commonly used piece as they are usually quite reasonably priced and extremely effective! So grab yourself a planter, pop some running ivy, or a similar type chasing plant in there and watch it engulf everything!

2) Plaques – A lovely feature to add to your Downton garden are garden plaques. Coming in gargoyle/cherub/animal/Greek god styles, you can pretty much find anything made into a plaque. Whether you buy one or you rather creatively make your own using plaster cast and some terracotta paint....this is another must have product which is extremely cheap at usually just over a tenner – you would be mad not to grab one from your local garden centre. You could even get really crazy and combine your plaque and the next item in this piece – a water feature!

3) Fountains – What better way to transform your garden from a lifeless, tired, unused space into a wildlife attracting sanctuary? Install a water feature. With many different styles of feature to choose from and a wide range of prices – you might want to check out this guide to buying to right water feature before you make any decisions! With styles of plaque and basin, trough, fountain or whatever you so choose, there are many variations of feature on the market at the moment so make sure you check out that guide to help you pick the perfect one.

4) Pedestals - Now I’m not exactly sure what use pedestals have, if any, in an ornate garden other than just putting stone heads on. I like to think they would serve most pedestal owners as great bird feeders as most are half a metre square which is more than adequate for your average finch or tit. Or just pick up a stone head or gargoyle and adorn the pedestal with your own personal touch; who doesn’t enjoy saving up their stale bread to crumble on the bird feeder?!

5) Bird Baths - Obviously this is a common sight in a British garden. Who doesn’t enjoy watching a crested tit dunking its feathery head under the surface? No-one, that’s who. So Birdbaths. There’s not really a wide selection to choose from when it comes to birdbaths as I recently found out on a birdbath discovery expedition to my local garden centre. A lot of birdbaths out there are standard gothic styles or similar – which for this purpose serves perfectly. Whether you shop around to find the exact bath that suits you, or if you get lucky and your local garden or ornate centre has a large selection, I think for this item you will probably need to just be happy if you find one at all!

Don’t fret if you can’t find these products at your local garden centre. You will find all these items available on the Ornate Products website, along with many other exciting options for creating your own perfect period garden.