When it comes to renovating an en-suite, a great deal of problems can arise as you try and fit all the necessary fixtures and ceramics into one small space.

Luckily, there are a great deal of tricks you can use to ensure that the en-suite contains everything that’s needed and also still looks spacious and relaxing. After all, there’s nothing worse than a cramped and claustrophobic bathroom that can’t be enjoyed properly. In order to create the perfect en-suite, consider the following factors before you begin your renovation…

Prior Planning

The smaller the space, the more planning you’re going to have to carry out to ensure that you add all fittings in the right positions for the most spacious design possible. Every space should be measured thoroughly and noted down; enabling you to create a detailed elevated view plan of the space you’re working with.

From this, you can interpret where you can position all the ceramics and furniture that you wish to include. You can also elect what sizes of fixtures you will require to maintain a spacious and comfortable bathroom space.

Space Saving Ideas

When it comes to mapping out the overall design of the en-suite, you need to make sure that any fixtures you plan on installing aren’t going to create a cramped feel and make it an uncomfortable space. To ensure this, there are a few tricks you can do to save some precious floor space…

Wall Hung

Where possible, opt for wall hung furniture and ceramics. Wall hung toilets and basins save floor space as well as creating an illusion of a spacious bathroom. Wall hung furniture can also be purchased and this will allow you to again save floor space, but also add much needed functionality to the bathroom.

Inset Cupboards

Depending on your building expertise, inset cupboards are a great alternative to their floor standing counterparts as they are considerably less intrusive and take up a lot less space within the room, therefore creating a minimalist and stylish décor.

Clever Storage Suggestions

If the space you’re renovating is particularly small, you’ll need to think outside the box. Make use of any under basin space you have available if you’ve opted for a vanity unit, and also consider bath storage panels to hide away any unsightly bathroom products. Have a look around to see what you can convert into a handy storage space; no doubt you’ll be surprised.

Consider a Colour Scheme

With especially small spaces, a well thought out colour scheme makes the world of difference. Bright colours such as whites, creams and blues are always a safe bet, so try to go for these wherever possible, leaving the bolder statements for the bigger bathrooms.

Where possible, purchase a suite in its entirety from the same retailer to avoid additional costs and complications. Due to the general expense associated with purchasing a bathroom, it’s vital a great deal of research and planning is carried out beforehand to prevent any mishaps.

A guest post by Just Taps and Rails – online retailer of well…tap and rails! Including designer rails, contemporary styles and waterfall taps.