Ensuring your property has complex locks, secure doors and windows and home alarms is obviously an important part of your home security, however all of these things are very much the last line of defence when it comes to intruders. Another important aspect to your home security is figuring out how to put of potential intruders earlier than this.

One of the best, most-effective ways of putting off intruders is ensuring your property is well lit. Whilst having outdoor lights on all the time isn’t practical (and potentially annoying for you and your neighbours), outdoor security lights, particularly PIR lighting has never been cheaper to buy or easier to fit.

Outdoor Security Lights

PIR Lighting, as you may well know, lights up your property using motion-sensor technology when it senses that someone or something moving on your premises. This acts as a highly-effective deterrent to would-be intruders, as they are aware that they are far more likely to be seen when the property has been lit.

Another advantage of PIR lighting is for personal use. When you come home, or when you go out into the garden, your property will automatically be lit up, allowing you to see what you are doing – always a helpful thing!

A leading supplier of outdoor security lights, Total Warehouse, has a range of PIR Lighting available with a host of options, including various sensor levels, light brightness, on-time, sizes, detection distances and ranges available. As well as this, PIR outdoor security lights can be installed to your property in a variety of ways; they can be mounted onto a wall, roof-mounted, free standing or place in flower beds or lawns, depending on your own personal preference. A range of energy-saving outdoor security lights are also available.