A staircase is a stylish and good looking addition to any home and if your staircase is damaged, what do you do? You’re going to have to renovate that destruction.

Many different parts of your stairs can be damaged , which part is it? This guide should help point you in the right direction. So that you can purchase a sorely needed replacement.

Handrails and Baserails

Handrails are important fixtures to any staircase. It is a long piece of timber which acts as the top of the staircase. The baserail is another long piece of timber which runs parallel and acts as the foundation to the ‘railing’. They are essential to any home where an elderly person lives, especially one who may struggle to climb stairs. Handrails can be attached walls and are made from many kinds of wood such as:

  • Beech - A simple and standard choice.
  • Pine - A wood which is paler and cheaper than Beech.
  • Sapele - Wood which appears similar to mahogany and gives the room a refined look.
  • Walnut - An even darker coloured wood, both heavy and tough.
  • White Oak - As the name suggest, it is wood which is even paler than pine.

The handrails can be attached to the walls with fittings which are designed from different metals (Chrome and Nickel) and shaped in different styles. So that you can choose which would look best in your home.


Otherwise called a ’spindle’. These are the decorative poles, set inbetween the handrail and the baserail, these rods are crafted in a multitude of different designs, but can also be manufactured simply and perform their job just as effectively. As you can imagine a damaged or dislodged Baluster can mar a erstwhile beauty.

They can be purchased in many styles or decoration and are made form either wood or metal, so that they can fit into any staircase and match other balusters.


Newels are different to Balusters, they are poles which are placed at the bottom and top of the flight of steps, they are generally larger in size and the most decorative part of any staircase. Like the other staircase parts they can be supplied in metal or wood. They come in many different styles to suit any flight of steps no matter how your home is set up or where your staircase is.

If you’re looking for stair parts, like stair handrails, All Your Stairs is a website which is a step in the right direction. They have a wide variety of parts to aid you in renovating your staircase or replacing damaged pieces. Plus, tool kits and instructional DVD’s are available to purchase, too. They also boast next day delivery and huge savings.