A run-down garden will not only reflect badly on the rest of your property, no matter how well that may be maintained, but will also not be the pleasant, relaxing space it is meant to be. It is relatively easy to spruce up your garden, and the costs are usually minimal. Your garden can be made to look great over the course of a weekend, and the benefits for you and your guests will be enormous.

Tidying up

The quickest way of tidying up any garden is to simply get rid of anything that looks brown. The mud, fallen twigs and branches, and dead leaves left behind by winter should be gathered up in bin-liners and recycled or discarded. Put some serious muscle into scrubbing the paving stones, weeding, and trimming and you will have the garden looking far better in no time at all.

If you have a lot of ugly-looking concrete in the garden, such as cracked patio areas and walkways that the weeds come through, consider laying some artificial turf over what you already have rather than digging it up and replacing it, which will be costly and messy. Artificial grass these days looks just like the real thing, and is much simpler to maintain.

Try a lick of creosote or paint on your damaged fences and walls to spruce them up a bit. If they are in a really sorry state and you don’t want to splash out on replacing them, you can always cover them over with a range of attractive colours and shapes by getting some seeds, twine, and bamboo canes and training climbing plants and blooms up them. Push the canes into patches of soil or into terracotta pots beside the damaged areas in a wigwam arrangement and use the twine to secure them into place.

The same method can be used for tidying up a decrepit shed; alternatively, you may want to simply replace it with a new one, as they are usually quite affordable. Sheds are ideal for storing garden furniture during the cold winter months as well as the equipment used regularly when working in the garden.


You can grow attractive flowers for the borders inexpensively from seeds to add a splash of controlled colour, and think about including vegetables and shrubs as well. Vegetable patches are all the rage these days, and will add interest to your space as well as providing some decent food for the household.

Potted evergreen shrubs may be a trifle more expensive but they are a great investment as they will add a permanent touch of class and provide the finishing touch to a garden that has been properly tidied up.

Decoration and furniture

You can be creative with some well-placed mirrors and lighting to exaggerate the space and create a unique and comfortable atmosphere. Wrap a few fairy lights around some bushes or trees for a truly startling effect, and place a few cheap and cheerful solar-charged lights at strategic points in the lawn or borders.

You may also want to invest in some new garden furniture. Umbrellas, tables and chairs can make the garden feel like another room of the house; they can usually be picked up quite cheaply and are easy to store safely away during the winter months.