future bathroom

Future bathroom could come equipped with shower screens that would display news, walls that would turn into displays with beautiful sceneries and floor that would change it’s texture mimicking the feel of walking on sand or snow.

While currently bathroom equipment is usually traditional, in future this room may really be transformed into something very different by all the hi-tech gadgets and gears. As report by suggest bathroom may become a room purposed not only for self hygiene but also for interaction and news sharing – connected to the flood of information that we receive anywhere else in our lives. The concept is being compiled by the bathroom equipment supplier Ideal Standard International.

According to them, bathroom will no longer be the most private room in our homes – we will be bombarded by news and social networks as we sit on a toilet. I really doubt it, my guess is that main purpose of the future bathroom will be to relax in warm water, take your time and forget all worries, switch off your brain from the info-madness that we will see in every move we make.

Drawing on the predictions by the designers and futurologists some other innovations will include mirrors that would provide tips on how to apply make-up, shave beard – I can’t imagine human kind going that dumb. Every woman from early teen age knows how to do that or a man that needs advice to shave his beard. You could also make calls and watch videos on these mirrors! – As if nobody would have mobile phones (which I am sure will still be used to make normal calls) or TV sets in front of a comfortable couch.

For those willing to have more control of how their floor looks and feels, there will be programming options to make the floor less slippery for your wet feet or replicate sand or pebbles texture. Walls could turn into displays showing beautiful sceneries, ceiling – turning into a blue sky with sunshine. Perhaps the most unbelievable bathroom features are the walls that could be moulded to produce instantly, at a push of a button - wash basins, taps, lavatories. This would be very useful in small bathrooms – would save some space. Although I imagine that those who will afford this technology will also be able to afford spacious bathrooms – no need for space saving.

I truly believe that in future there will be some technological advances in bathroom equipment and installation. Hopefully, technologies applied in a right way will only enhance pleasure of having a bath. But future bathrooms will still be bathrooms, with the main purpose of personal hygiene, serving also as a place to relax.