ideal bathroom

Bathroom installation can be tricky – it has to be well designed and convenient to use at the same time. Besides, if you look at it as an investment, bathroom is one of the key factors helping you to sell your house. Read through these tips and create your ideal bathroom.

It all starts with planning of every detail – from layout plan, choosing the right sanitary equipment, walls and floor finishing type. Achieving ideal bathroom is always difficult but if you plan carefully, consult with suppliers, designers, the end result will be worth the efforts.

You should not only analyze what is missing in the old bathroom but also think ahead and decide what you may need in future (especially if you are going to sell your house). Therefore, choosing to have only a shower cubicle instead of having a bath tub installed (if there is enough space) is not a good idea – the new owners will most likely want to have it. In the ideal bathroom you should have installed them both - a shower and a bathtub (or at least have the fixed shower head on the wall).

You will have to consult plumbers, electricians about the possible water supply and waste pipes relocation, electrical installation – to make the necessary installation points for bathroom equipment, if you are rearranging the bathroom plan. Hiring us for your bathroom installation would make it simple - you would have to deal only with one person.

Assuming there is enough space, we would advice to install not one, but two wash basins on a single worktop – helps to avoid queues in the mornings for married working couples, especially if the same bathroom is shared with children. Also, this worktop run for the wash basins provides enough space for underneath storage, which is always important.

Adequately lighted bathrooms seem not only bigger but also give us a feeling of luxury and comfort. It helps to install big mirrors, fixed to the wall, inset with tiles, choosing floor tiles with shiny surface, reflecting some light (beware only - shiny floor tiles are slippery!). Install not only ceiling but also some wall lights – you can choose from countless designs. Light color tiles for floor and walls always help to visually create more space and light. Some bright shiny colour tile inserts will make a feature and help to create a unique design.

If your house is big and has only one bathroom, you should really think of having an on-suite bathroom or a shower room in the master bedroom.

Try to create a bathroom that reflects a character and value of the house – thus adding more value to the property than it costs to install a bathroom. The general advice is - never go for the cheapest plumbing equipment. You can save some money on tiles, paints, perhaps cabinets, but never use cheap fittings or labor – sooner or later something will break or start leaking. Usually the price reflects the quality and top of the range fittings will not only be reliable but also look well. However, middle price range plumbing usually is also high quality and you can find some really nice designs – you just have to spend more time searching.