lighted-stairsLED profile – aluminium profile for use with LED strip. The usage of these profiles is almost unlimited: could be installed in interior design elements, furniture, advertising stands or used for outdoor lighting solutions. In this article we will discuss it in detail, hoping to give you some new ideas for your {ln: home-office-refurbishments-in-london 'refurbishment in London} projects.

What is LED profile?

led profileLED profile is an aluminium profile housing the LED strip. It helps to create that subtle unique lighting for decorative purposes as well as it can be used as a main light source. Due to their slim shape they can be used almost in any spaces.

Why LED profiles?

  1. heat diffusionProfiles diffuse the heat (heat has a negative impact on LED lifetime) generated by LED strip – increased LED usage term.
  2. Practical - LED profiles are slim, different shapes and could be installed in even the tiniest places – furniture, shelving, staircases, tiles, ceilings or suspended on steel wire.
  3. Waterproof profiles could be used both indoors and outdoors in any {ln: home-office-refurbishments-in-london 'refurbishment in London} project;
  4. If used wisely, they will look well in any environment.
  5. You can choose between different sizes, shapes or light spectrum – freedom for creativity.

Depending on the usage and installation you will need these parts: aluminium profile, plastic cap to cover the profile, LED strip, mains power supply with 12 V  converter. Additionally you may need plugs to cover the ends of profile, holders or double sided tape – to fix the profile, sealant – if used outdoors, steel wire – if suspended.

We can help you install the profiles or give advice on possible usage.


Usage of profiles:

Staircases, banisters;

led staircase light

Kitchen worktop under cabinet lighting – most common use with any slim shape lighting;

kitchen worktop ligthing

Kitchen cupboards, cabinets, draws – LED requires only 12 V power supply which is safe to use in any environment and installation is easy; switching on could be automatic - with opening the cabinet doors or sliding draws

kitchen worktop ligthing


kitchen cabinets ligthing

Shelving, cabinets or wardrobes – due to their compact size lighting of spaces difficult to reach became a reality. Now you can have light where no other lighting would fit.

wardrobe ligthing

Unique bathroom lighting – specially shaped profile can be installed in between the tiles. Sealed with silicone sealant the profile can be waterproofed.

bathroom lighting idea


tile insert

Outdoor lighting – there are special more rigid profiles for outdoor usage. These can be used for driveways or parking lots;

outdoor lighting

Advertising stands – special profile used to support the glass. Glass is illuminated by the LED strip inside the profile. When used with RGB strips you can get different light effects. This profile could also be used for framing notices, pictures or any other advertising material.

Unique lighting – you can create that special and unique chandelier, or stand alone lighting for your home combining the profiles with some timber, suspending with steel wire.

unique lighting