acrylic bath tubWhen it comes to bathroom installation, one of the decisions you will have to make - choosing bath tub, and this could be tricky: there is so much to choose from … So what bath tub is the best for you? There are mainly three types of bath tubs to choose from – acrylic, steel and cast iron. Let's look at what benefits they come with.

Acrylic bath tubs - currently most popular, as they are lightweight, rigid enough, non-slippery and have that perfect shiny surface. Besides, bath tubs made from acryl sheets keep water hot quite long. You can clean it with most of the usual domestic cleaners. The main advantage of these baths – wide variety of shapes and uses. Although they come with some disadvantages as well: acrylic surface is a lot softer than enamel, thus easier to scratch. For that reason you cannot clean them with hard brush and it’s also not advisable to wash in them pets having claws.

Steel baths – made from steel sheets, covered in special enamel. Steel bath tubs get warm quite well, but they don’t keep water hot as well as acrylic baths. Good things about them are that they are harder to scratch, do not change colour over time, are resistant to most domestic chemicals.

On the downside – they are quite heavy and sound loud when water is running. We usually advice our customers to insulate this type of baths. For that purpose we use expanding foam – we apply it on the outside of the bath tub, before the bath installation is done. This way you get the benefits of acrylic bath (low noise, water stays hot longer). However, you don’t get the shape that acrylic bath may offer.

Cast iron baths – traditional type, best choice for those who love “good old things”. Modern cast iron baths are little lighter than those made many years ago – they are not as thick as the old days baths and the top enamel layer is smoother, more resistant to rust. The pros: water stays hot long, looks well. The only downside things that I could think of are: more difficult to install, much heavier to transport and usually just basic shapes to choose from. For those who love traditional interior style – best choice, without a doubt.