In this article we give you few advices on making choices for kitchen renovation project:

Take your time... Before buying kitchen furniture you should spend some time searching and making yourself clear what exactly you need. Look at your existing old kitchen and ask yourself "what do I like about my existing kitchen?" Well worked out kitchen plan - is worth keeping.

Sometimes people get in love with flashy bright modern type furniture which is usually exposed in the most visible place attracting everyone's attention. However, when fitted in a small kitchen such furniture will only frustrate and will not fit with the overall look - no good result, money waste.

kitchen-remodelling-london1Your kitchen needs... Housekeepers, preparing meals for big families at home, obviously have very different needs from those who usually spend wery little time at home. It is important to also note your habits: if you like to buy food only once a week, you will need many spacious cupboards, cabinets for food storage, big refrigerator. Some people prefer to have clear worktop: everything is hidden from the eye, even the smallest items - again, you will need a lot of storage space.

What cupboards to choose... Very often people just don't think if something that suits others would suit them. Wall cabinets hinged upwards are very convenient for tall people while for smaller sideways hinged cabinets are much better option. Therefore when designing kitchen you should design it according to your physiology (height, left or right handed, etc...), so to minimize the unnecessary moves (unless of course, you like to work out while preparing meal :) ). In a small cramped kitchen an angled corner cupboard would not be a good option - it takes more space.

Kitchen layout plan... When designing kitchen you should bear in mind that a cooker (or gas hob) has to be away from the fridge, extractor fan works best with a minimum length of an air duct. You need also plan additional sockets, switches, lights. If you are changing plan, perhaps some plumbing work needs to be done as well.

Saving money... Some people consider having cheaper cabinets, worktops thinking to get installed more expensive ones later. The advice would be not to try saving money on furniture fittings - hinges, rails. After just few weeks cheap fittings would cause doors closing improperly, drawers moving loud or getting stuck, falling out. Obviously you can choose cheaper doors, appliances (or even keep the old appliances - sometimes it's enough just to give it a good cleaning and the not so old appliance may look almost as new).

Project related issues... Once the kitchen layout plan is done, cupboards, worktops, fittings, appliances chosen you should also think when it is most convenient for you to start; where will you you eat during the project (some minimum accomodation to prepare food at home usually can be arranged); allocate the budget, allowing some extra money for the unforeseen; get at least three quotes for a kitchen installation.

Other issues... What to do if the old fridge is still good enough and doesn't fit with the new kitchen (white fridge and dark wood doors). If there are some other appliances in the kitchen matching the fridge color - it's ok. You can match those appliances with the cupboard doors by choosing similar and contrasting colors. Playing wisely with colors can change the overall look dramatically. If you are planning to buy some appliance later (say, dishwasher), you could have a cupboard and later change that cupboard into the appliance.