London is one of the busiest and most popular cities in the world. If you own a home here, you will know this already, but are you making the most of the space you have? It’s all too easy to take the wonders you have on your doorstep for granted, and we’re all guilty of this. For example, most homes in London have loft space. What do you currently do with yours? The answer to this question is probably that you use it for storage space, when in fact; it’s a dumping ground for things you don’t use anymore.


Consider a Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are actually becoming very trendy in London. You don’t need any extra land to do it as you already have the space, and best of all, you add value to your property. After all, this will be an additional room in your home. When you first start to think about what you would like (there are many types of conversion available), consider how the extra space will benefit you most.

Are you extending your family? In which case, you could probably do with a nursery or playroom. Do you run your business from home and could do with a proper study? You can even add an extra bathroom with a loft conversion if you want to. As you’re reading this, the first thing that may spring to mind is the cost. However, if you ask an agent how much value something like this will add to your home, it will more than likely save you money.

Other Benefits Aside from Extra Space

London has long since been famous for its affect on people from the ground, but there is another world to discover from the roof tops. After all this is where many working people in the 1800's preferred to spend their time. It was a place considered to be all of their own they could escape to, away from the harsh reality of life. Although times have moved on, London still has this to offer.

If you have a loft conversion installed, it will include windows, and the views to be had as a result of this are quite simply amazing. Depending on where you live in the city you could be treated to seeing such attractions as the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, or even Buckingham Palace from a totally different perspective.

You could even be treated to some of the most famous roof gardens London has to offer. One of the largest is what’s now known as Virgin’s Roof Gardens (formerly Kensington Roof Gardens). It covers over 1.5 acres of land, and is a rare treat on the eye in this bustling city that never sleeps. Other famous gardens are the Queen Elizabeth Hall (located in South Bank), Dalston, Shoreditch and Trafalgar each offering their own unique breath of fresh air.

In Conclusion

If you live in London, you’ll be no stranger to city life, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t want to get away from it sometimes. Having a loft conversion isn’t just good financial sense, it’s also a great way of discovering a side to this fantastic city that many of us miss out on, especially those of us that live there.

Article provided by Safe Options, UK stockist of home safes.


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